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  • Duration 29 days
  • Vacation Style Trekking
  • Activity Level Hard
  • Group Size Min-Max


Trip Description

Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking is a perfect trekking course for those a portion of the remote areas of Nepal. Mt. Kanchenjunga is the third most noteworthy mountain on the planet with the tallness of 8,585 meters and arranged on the northeastern piece of Nepal in the fringe of Tibet, China and India. Kanchenjunga is the stunning territory with its remarkable mountain biological systems is imagined as a Tri-national harmony park with Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China toward the north and Sikkim of India in the east. The territory is separated as a preservation park by the Nepal Government which is called Kanchenjunga Conservation Area.
Even though there are not many acceptable mountain sceneries, it, however, offers magnificent views when the trek reaches the south of Kanchenjunga.
 The Kanchenjunga locale is the residency of the Limbus. Rais, Limbus command the locale east of the Arun River. Limbu men wear a tall-top to perceive, a Nepalese top is the more beautiful than worn by other Nepalese. The ethic Limbu and Rai culture, High Himalayan landscape consistently hold on for you to welcomes in this territorial trek at whatever point you have chosen for trekking there.
 Passing through a portion of the nation's most flawless oak and rhododendron woods carries you to extremely high altitude. Intersection the Mirgin-La go at 4725 meters, it gives you the perspectives on Makalu, Chamlang and Everest. In the following stage, you will pass the Kanchenjunga ice sheet, lastly, you will be provided with an unfathomable, close-up perspective on Kanchenjunga Peak as you previously moved toward the Kanchenjunga Base Camp at Pang Pema.
While exploring the encompassing region you will likewise observe a display of Wedge Peak, The Twins, Pyramid Peak, Janu Himal and Tent Peak. You couldn't discover tea houses in all the spot, so outdoors trek is a must requirement for Kanchenjunga base camp route.

Why this trip

This trek is an opportunity to reach the base camp of the world’s third tallest mountain on an off the beaten trail perfect for trekkers who cherish nature and believe in its beauty.


Trip Facts

  • Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain
  • It is called Five Treasures of Snow after its five high peaks. The treasures represent the five repositories of God, which are gold, silver, gems, food grain, and religious texts.
  • The area around Kanchenjunga is said to be home to the “Kanchenjunga Demon”, a type of yeti or rakshasa.
  • Kanchenjunga lies near 125 kilometres (78 miles) east-southeast of Mount Everest.
  • Kanchenjunga is second least climbed mountain out of 14 highest mountains in the world.
  • Until 1852, Kanchenjunga was considered the highest mountain in the world.
  • Kanchenjunga was first climbed on 25 May 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band, who were part of a British expedition.
  • Spring and autumn is the best season to visit Kanchenjunga.





  1. Day 1 ARRIVAL

    Our representative will be at the airport to welcome you and escort you to your hotel. In the evening, we will discuss the trip itinerary over a nice dinner at a traditional restaurant.

    Overnight stay at the hotel;


    Kathmandu valley is an ancient city with diverse cultures and traditions. It has a significant part in the history of Nepal. Home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has been chosen as a cultural and historical site of study and excursions throughout history. We’ll observe some of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu throughout a day. 

    Overnight stay at the hotel;


    On this day we leave Kathmandu and take a flight to Bhadrapur. It takes 45 minutes to reach Bhadrapur. Upon reaching Bhadrapur, we drive towards Suketar which is approximately 5-6 hours of drive.

    Overnight in Suketar;

  4. Day 4 TREK TO PHURUMBU (1542 M, 4-5 HRS)

    On this day our ultimate Kanchenjunga base camp trek begins. We start our first-day trek towards Phurumbu village. We walk through terraced fields and forest, passing local tea shop and lodges and reach Phurumbu after 4-5 hrs walk.

    Overnight in Phurumbu;

  5. Day 5 TREK TO CHIRUWA (1270 M, 5-6 HRS)

    Leaving Phurumbu, we head towards Chiruwa village. It will take 5-6hrs to reach there. Passing Sinwa, Tawa and Thiwa village on the way, we reach Chiruwa. Chiruwa is a beautiful Limbu village where we can see few lodges and tea shops alongside the beautiful sceneries.

    Overnight in Chiruwa;

  6. Day 6 TREK TO SUKETHUM (1585 M, 6-7 HRS)

    Continuing the trek, we head towards the village of Sukethum, bypassing cardamom fields and dense forest. Before we reach Sukethum, we will cross the Ghunsa River and finally we reach this day’s destination. Sukethum is a village where Japanese people used to live in.

    Overnight in Sukethum;

  7. Day 7 TREK TO AMJILOSA (2395 M, 6 HRS)

    On this day, we trek from Sukethum to Amjilosa which is one of the challenging treks in this trip. Starting our trek, we will cross the suspension bridge and enter a dense forest. Continuing the trek, we will arrive at Solima and from there, our trek descends down to the Amjilosa. Amjilosa is a small rural area where we can find only a few small teashops and few shops.

    Overnight in Amjilosa;

  8. Day 8 TREK TO GYABLA (2730 M, 6-7 HRS)

    This day’s trek is an interesting one as we trek through the jungles which are filled with beautiful Rhododendron, Oak and pine trees. After reaching there we can see a Tibetan settlement and most of the people of their follow Buddhist culture.

     Overnight in Gyabla;

  9. Day 9 TREK TO GUNSA (3427 M, 7-8 HRS)

    After finishing breakfast, we will head towards the Gunsa which will take 7-8hrs to reach. Passing through the beautiful jungles and observing the crystal clear Gunsa River we will arrive at Sherpa village, Gunsa. People, here do trade and business in Tibet and follow Tibetan culture.

    Overnight in Gunsa;

  10. Day 10 TREK TO KAMBACHEN (4050 M, 6-7 HRS)

    Leaving Gunsa village we follow the trail towards the Kambachen. After 6-7 hrs trek through the Rhododendron and pine forests, we cross Rampuk Kharka and reach the beautiful Tibetan culture village, Kambachen. In Kambachen, we can observe the Tibetan lifestyle, art and culture.

    Overnight in Kambachen;

  11. Day 11 TREK TO LHONAK (4780 M, 6-7 HRS)

    We head from Kambachen to Lhonak. We trek through rocky fields and large boulders on the hillside along the riverbank and arrive at a waterfall. Crossing a bridge to Ramtang monastery and passing through an even trail before descending to the river, we finally reach Lhonak.

    Overnight in Lhonak;


    From Lhonak, we trek towards the majestic Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Our trail will be alongside the gigantic Kanchenjunga Glacier. After passing Pangpema (5,143/16,873 FT) we descend towards the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. The view from the base camp is extraordinary. Mt. Kanchenjunga, Jannu Himal and other Himalayan peaks are to admire.

    Overnight at the base camp;

  13. Day 13 TREK TO KHAMBACHEN (4050 M, 8-9 HRS)

    On this day, we step down towards the Kambachen from Kanchenjunga base camp. Enjoying the glorious views of mountains, we cross the Lhonak and Ramtang monastery to reach our destination. It takes 8-9 hrs to arrive at our destination Kambachen.

    Overnight in Khambachen;

  14. Day 14 TREK TO GUNSA (3427 M, 4-5 HRS)

    Descending from Kanchenjunga base camp, we reach Gunsa village after 4-5hrs of trek. Enjoying the surrounding beauty and mountains we reach our destination.

    Overnight in Gunsa;

  15. Day 15 TREK TO TANBHARMA DANDA (4641 M, 6-7 HRS)

    After breakfast at Gunsa, we trek towards the Tanbharma Danda. To reach there, we have to go through the beautiful forest of Rhododendron, moss and juniper.

    Overnight in Tanbharma danda;

  16. Day 16 TREK TO CHERAM (3870 M, 7-8 HRS)

    After 7-8hrs trek with nice views of forest and mountains, we head towards Cheram. In Cheram, we can see very few houses and yak huts. To reach there, we have to pass through the Mirgin La pass (4480 m) and Sinion la (4646 m).

    Overnight in Cheram;

  17. Day 17 TREK TO RAMCHAUR (4580 M, 3-4 HRS)

    Leaving Cheram we will trek towards Ramchaur. After 3-4hrs of short trek following Yalung Glacier we reach our destination ‘Ramchaur’. From here we can view the mountains and enjoy the scenery.

    Overnight stay in Ramchaur (Ramche);

  18. Day 18 REST DAY

    Leaving our camp at Ramchaur (Ramche), we take a packed lunch and set off very early for our next close encounter with Kanchenjunga. Following the valley around its sweeping curve, we come across the vast southern wall of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Along this ridge lie the three main summits of Mt. Kanchenjunga at 8,420 m, 8,586 m, and 8,474 m. These three summits overhang into the sky presents a really grand sight.

    Overnight stay in Ramchaur;


    From Ramchaur (Ramche), we walk further up the valley. We then follow a stream before climbing on the moraine top until confronted by Kanchenjunga’s southern face. We walk further ahead for a glimpse of the Jannu Himal. We continue our trek further towards the Oktang Monastery. From here, we climb further up and reach the Yalung Base Camp. The views from the base camp are extraordinary. Kumbhakarna (Jannu), Nyukla Lachung and other Himalayan peaks are close by. We descend and spend the night at Ramchaur.

    Overnight stay in Ramchaur;

  20. Day 20 TREK TO TORTONG (2995 M, 5-6 HRS)

    After breakfast, we move towards Tortong. Walking through the forest area through Simbuwa River we reach Tortong- a village on the bank of Simbuwa River.

    Overnight stay in Tortong;

  21. Day 21 TREK TO LASIYA BHANJYANG (3310 M, 6 HRS)

    Continuing with the trek, we advance towards Lasiya Bhanjyang. The trail leading to Lasiya Bhanjyang is full of breathtaking views of the valleys and dramatic snowcapped peaks on the north. Following the trail full of rhododendron and pine forests we reach, Lasiya Bhanjyang after almost 6hrs of the walk.

    Overnight in Lasiya Bhanjyang;

  22. Day 22 TREK TO YAMPHUDIN (2080 M, 5 HRS)

    On this day, we trek to Yamphudin which is one of the most beautiful places in the entire trek. As we reach Yamphudin, we get to taste pork delicacies which are the major delicacy of the people living in Yamphudin. If tourists visit this place, the locals organize a welcome program with tasty local delicacies and drinks. In this village, we can see the various ethnic settlement as it is a mixed community of Limbu, Sherpa’s, Gurung and Rai.

     Overnight stay in Ramchaur;

  23. Day 23 TREK TO PHUMPHE DANDA (1858 M, 7-8 HRS)

    Descending through the dense forest and crossing the Kabeli Khola, we reach the Mamankhe village. From there, we head down towards the Phumphe Danda which is today’s final destination.

    Overnight stay in Phumphe danda;

  24. Day 24 TREK TO KANDE BHANJYANG (2129M, 6-7HRS)

    Leaving Phumphe Danda, we follow the trail and walk towards the Kande Bhanjyang. From Kande Bhanjyang, we can see the magnificent views of mountains and natural beauty.

    Overnight stay in Kande Bhanjyang;

  25. Day 25 TREK TO LALIKHARKA (2265M, 7-8HRS)

    On this day, we move towards Lali Kharka. Walking through the dense forest filled with rhododendron trees, we will reach there in about 7-8hrs easy trek.

    Overnight in Lali kharka;

  26. Day 26 TREK TO SUKETAR (2420M, 6HRS)

    6 hrs trek from Lali Kharka we reach Suketar and take a rest for today. Suketar is the last day of our trek in this trip.

    Overnight in Suketar;


    Today we drive from Suketar to Bhadrapur. After a drive of 5 from Suketar, the winding roads lead us towards Bhadrapur.

    Overnight in Bhadrapur;


    Today we fly to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur. After 40min of flight we reach Kathmandu. The remaining day is for resting or spending time as you wish.

    Overnight in Kathmandu;

  29. Day 29 DEPARTURE

    Depending on your flight time you will be transferred to the airport. The airport check-in is 3 hours prior to the departure time and the hotel checkout time is usually 12 P.M.

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